The Salvador’s Design Inspiration

Like artists, good architects find inspiration everywhere. When an idea or a concept inspires an architect, they face the task of bringing that vision to life by giving it a solid structure based on science, form, and function. They bring concepts to life and shape the vibe, or ambiance that people experience within and in the presence of these structures. Architect, Steven Holl, describes the role of an architect by saying, “while artists work from the real to the abstract, architects must work from the abstract to the real.“

For The Salvador’s design, DDA Development envisioned replacing three dilapidated buildings near Downtown St. Petersburg’s Dalí Museum with a 13-story Green Certified condominium residence. Their partner Mesh Architecture is helping to bring this unique residential concept to reality.

The Salvador is helping to spur the revitalization of “The Arts and Innovation” District. This dynamic neighborhood is changing rapidly and is rooted by the beautifully renovated, Salvador Dalí Museum along the water’s edge.

The architects at Mesh looked to Dalí’s art, especially his masterworks housed in the museum to inspire their designs. “It’s important that a building has life and energy, that there is a delight in it. When designing The Salvador, we were inspired by the imagery in Dalí’s paintings and strove to bring that into the personality of the building,” said Tim Clemmons, Mesh Architecture. In fact, Jenny Miers, a partner with Mesh Architecture and the project manager, was on the design team for the Salvador Dali Museum as a young architect thereby accentuating her affinity for his work.

It is always interesting to hear an artist describe the inspiration for their work. Below, Clemmons, gives us a glimpse into how the architects took the conceptual paintings of Dalí and brought it into the contemporary and practical architectural design for The Salvador giving it a distinctive character:












Dalí’s “City of Drawers” inspire the alternating balconies on the southwest corner of the building. Alternating drawers within a human body is a common theme in his visual imagery.

The custom metal screen on the south side of theses new condos for sale in Downtown, St. Petersburg utilizes pixelation to create an image similar to Dalí’s “Portrait of My Dead Brother.” The seemingly random window pattern on the 11-story stucco walls can also be thought of a large-scale pixelation.


The entire amenity deck and swimming pool utilizes an egg motif. Eggs were often present in Dalí’s paintings as a symbol of fertility, rejuvenation, and abundance. The amenity deck and pool, therefore, is a place of health and rejuvenation.

There are three color coordinated interior finish selections have each been inspired by a town from northern Spain – Cadaques (Dalí’s seaside hometown), Barcelona (a dynamic, sophisticated city) and Pamplona (famous for the annual Running of the Bulls).


cadaques 02











Dalí said, “Each morning when I awake, I experience again a supreme pleasure – that of being Salvador Dalí.” The Salvador offers a place to live that is light, airy, functional and efficient. The architect’s vision is that residents will look out their windows onto the streetscape with this same feeling of contentment that Dalí felt and feel happy to be in their home.


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