Art Winner Announced for Student Digital Sculpture Contest

St. Petersburg, FL. — The Salvador, a new condominium tower under construction in the heart of downtown St. Petersburg’s Arts and Innovation District, announced the winner of the 3-D Print Digital Art Sculpture Contest in partnership with the University of South Florida (USF) and Tampa Bay Business for Culture and Arts (TBBCA). Tina Piracci, currently a Junior at USF pursuing her Bachelors of Fine Arts degree with a concentration in sculpture, won the top prize with her bronze sculpture, “Don’t Wake Gala,” which represents the marriage of a dreamlike narrative with science and research. Ms. Piracci’s sculpture will be on display in the lobby of The Salvador later this year.

3-D Printed Sculpture St. Pete

Winning Sculpture created by Tina Piracci with 3-D printer, Brass

“Dreams have always been a clairvoyant phenomenon for me,” said Ms. Piracci, who also won a $200 cash prize. “They have taught me that time is a variable, and that fate is real. Where the mind goes when we sleep is a place that we cannot access while conscious. There, I have seen the faces of unborn toddlers, and even deaths of loved ones, including my brother. Dreams give me comfort that our lives do have direction.”

In February, The Salvador partnered with USF and TBBCA to call for student artists to design and create sculptures using a 3-D printer. Interested students were asked to design an innovative sculpture inspired by the Surrealist art of Salvador Dali that could be transformed into a 3-D printed sculpture. For many of the students, this was the first time they worked with the 3-D printer at USF and had to consider how their art would transfer to the materials used in the 3-D printer. The runner-ups for the contest were Jessica Menchon, with her sculpture in bronze and Harish Kumar Chittam, with his sculpture in brass. Each runner-up will receive a $100 cash prize.

“TBBCA is pleased that The Salvador and its developers are leading the way and integrating arts education and technology in their project,” said Susana Weymouth, Executive Director at TBBCA.

Howard Kaplan, Visualization Specialist in the Advanced Visualization Center for Research at USF, led the student artists with 3-D printing workshops and completing the sculpture printings. According to Kaplan, “This contest gave our students a unique real-world opportunity to take their drawings into the digital framework of the 3-D printing and see the results. There were many things they had to consider from design to printing in order to achieve good results.”

The award curators were Hank Hine; Curator and Executive Director of the Dali Museum, Yann
Weymouth; Architect of the Dali Museum, and Sarah Howard; Curator of Public Art and Social Practice.

“Downtown St. Pete is a community that is merging innovation and arts in a very unique way. This contest allowed local student artists access to the 3-D printing innovation that we are sure to see more of in the upcoming years,” said the architect of the Salvador Dali Museum, Yann Weymouth.

Bowen Arnold, DDA, ”Being a part of the arts community in downtown St. Pete and right next door to the USF St. Petersburg campus, The Salvador is a part of and supports the innovation and arts community that defines this area. The building itself is inspired by the art of Salvador Dali and features a modern, artful design in the building and the individual units. DDA Development is committed to hiring local architects, contractors and artists. We were so pleased our contest could inspire local students in a fresh, artistic way.”

Below are the winning artists’ initial design plans for printing. We are impressed with the creativity and innovation shown by our student artists.



Digital Sculpture Design St Pete

Downtown St. Petersburg – The Changing Face of Paradise

Downtown St. Petersburg – The Changing Face of Paradise

Florida Trend Magazine describes the city of St. Petersburg as, “The Changing Face of Paradise.” Downtown St. Petersburg is experiencing a renaissance which has been in the making for the ten years and is still evolving. The city is feeling a boom in every sector, Marine Science, Medical, Technology, Arts and Higher Education, with a focus on the quality of life and community at the heart of it all. Residents are proud of their city and want to be a part of making it an even better place for future generations to enjoy.

According to Bob Glaser, President and CEO of Smith & Associates Real Estate, “There is really no other West Coast city offering what this one has in terms of waterfront parks and cultural amenities.” The City boasts seven miles of downtown waterfront with double wide sidewalks, lush landscaping and outdoor cafes. There are over 35 miles of bike trails in St. Petersburg and an impressive $46 million Pier project, which will feature a waterfront multi-use park in the heart of Downtown St. Petersburg, once construction is completed.

Monthly art walks, a variety of world-renowned galleries and museums, including the Salvador Dali Museum and the Museum of Fine Arts, bring the artistic lifestyle into every aspect of living here. The SHINE Mural Fest re-invigorated the landscape of many facades with giant murals on buildings throughout the downtown district. And the art scene continues to grow, with the Museum for Arts and Crafts Movement already breaking ground on what will be the will be the largest museum of its kind in the United States. Mahaffey Theatre hosts The Florida Orchestra as well as artists from all over the country that enjoy playing there or one of the many other venues located in Downtown St. Pete.

Companies searching for cities that offer their employees enhanced quality of life are flocking to St. Petersburg. Jabil, one of the largest electronics manufacturer in the world, has their corporate headquarters here. Major medical facilities, like All Children’s Hospital John Hopkins Medicine, Bayfront Medical Center and St. Anthony’s have all seen expansion and growth in the last few years.

With waterfront views, sunshine most every day of the year, plenty of green space, a booming job market, and a diverse population that includes people from all over the world, St. Petersburg is on the map as one of the greatest cities in Florida, or maybe in the entire United States!

Here are just a few of the accolades that St. Petersburg has received in the past two years:

#1 Fittest Metro in Florida/ #27 in the US (American College of Sports Medicine 2015)
#2 Most Beautiful City in the US (The Culture Trip 2015)
#12 US Metro for Small Business (Biz2Credit 2014)
#1 Town for Craft Lovers (American Craft Week 2015)
#8 Best City for Hispanic Entrepreneurs (WalletHub 2014)
#4 in Top 10 List of America’s Most Underrated Cities (Conde Nast 2016)

To ready the Florida Trend article in its entirety and for more information on Downtown St. Petersburg, please, click here.

Growth Predictions in Downtown St. Pete 2016

2016 has arrived and if you are thinking of purchasing a home or condo this year, downtown St. Petersburg is the place for your real estate investment. This area is gaining global attention as a city to watch and we are not done growing. When you compare home buying prices and ease of movement within the city, St. Petersburg is winning as the warm Florida city to buy in. According to Trulia, the median home sale price increased 3.2% in the period from October 2015-January 2016, with the average listing price in the downtown St. Pete zip code at $595,284. Predictions for the next year, forecast an increase in the median home sales and in the cost per square foot for the popular downtown neighborhoods.

According to the Tampa Tribune, 1,100 new apartment units will be finished downtown this year with an expected influx of more people living in the city center this year with median incomes of $53,000. The New York Times listed the “Sunshine City”, as St. Petersburg is often referred to, in it’s list of Top 50 Destinations to See and The Independent reported that “Miami has a rival for the finer things”.

The Salvador is a brand new condominium tower that will be rising in the south end of downtown known as the Innovation District. The Innovation District is a cluster of higher education, marine science, healthcare, business incubation, and media institutions.

Here is how the City of St. Petersburg describes the Innovation District in their economic development report:

Within the Innovation District, St. Petersburg’s marine and environmental sciences institutions flourish in downtown’s Bayboro Harbor area, ideally located on Tampa Bay near the Gulf of Mexico. Anchoring the district is the St. Petersburg Ocean Team – the premier consortium of marine science, oceanographic, and environmental research agencies and institutions in the Southeastern United States.

The Ocean Team includes public and private non-profit agencies, such as NOAA, University of South Florida (USF) College of Marine Science, SRI – St. Petersburg, United States Geological Survey (USGS), and the Fish and Wildlife Research Institute (FWRI) that are devoted to marine and environmental research in Florida, the Caribbean, and beyond.

Ocean Team agencies employ more than 1,600 people whose spending generates an additional 1,800 employees and leads to a total impact of $251 million in gross county product. As the district evolves, firms in related industries have the opportunity to capitalize on technology transfer and research commercialization by locating near the district with access to a growing, specialized workforce.

Other institutions and owners within the district includes:
All Children’s Hospital/Johns Hopkins Medicine, Bayfront Hospital, University of South Florida St. Pete, University of South Florida – College of Marine Science, The Poynter Institute for Media Studies, National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, US Geological Survey, US Coast Guard, Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission, Albert Whitted Airport, and SRI International 22

The possibilities for the Innovation District include a rich tapestry of urban form that can enhance the profile of each institution, support business development and recruitment, provide energy for neighborhood reinvestment and jobs at all salary and education levels. The Innovation District is a central asset to the future of the St. Petersburg community.

More shops, boutiques, cafes, green spaces, and a renovated pier are all in the city plans with the growth plan to make pockets of towns and neighborhoods throughout downtown easily walkable, connected, and intermodal. And with the cost of living in the Tampa Bay area last year 8 percent lower than the national average, the city make for an ideal real estate investment, retirement option or relocation.

See what we have planned…

Open Call for USF Artists

Open Call for USF Artists!

Digital Sculpture Contest

Overarching Theme: Surrealism

The Salvador is looking for your best surrealistic sculpture designs.

The Salvador is a new Green- Certified Condo Tower in the heart of the Arts and Innovation District of Downtown St. Petersburg, FL. Developed by a local development firm, DDA Development, with local architects from MESH Architecture & Fabrication, this residential building is inspired by the art of Salvador Dali and features a modern, artful design in the building and the individual units. Read more about the architect’s inspiration here.

The Salvador is calling artists from USF to come up with an innovatively designed sculpture that can be transformed into a 3-D printed sculpture. Winning sculptures will be displayed in The Salvador lobby with a cash prize being offered. Being a part of the arts community in downtown St. Pete and right next door to the USF St. Petersburg campus, The Salvador is a part of and supports the innovation and arts community that defines this area. See below for all the details and contest rules!

Deadline: Entries must be submitted by February 5, 2016 | Winners announced on February 10th


  • Flies must be submitted on a DISK or USB drive
  • Files must be delivered by 5:00 pm February 5, 2016 Sabatia Cowden, FAH 231 College of Arts
  • File Formats (.obj or .stl).
  • All entries must also include a half-page Artist Biography and half-page Artist Statement. Text file needs to be submitted as (PDF or Word .doc).
  • Final sculptures will be 3D printed in artist’s choice of Brass, Bronze or Copper.
  • Maximum print size cannot exceed 10in X 10in x 10in.
  • The Salvador Logo and artist’s signature required on the piece (may be on the base or bottom or wherever the artists chooses).
  • The Salvador’s logo file can be downloaded HERE.
  • Digital .stl logos can be downloaded HERE.
  • Only winning entries will be 3D printed.

WORKSHOPS: Will be held at the USF Tampa Campus and will provide opportunities for sculpture artists and digital artists to collaborate.

$250 Cash For the Winner and $150 for two Runner-Ups and $75 for 4th and 5th place!

Note: Winning Sculptures will be displayed publicly in The Salvador’s Lobby in Downtown St. Petersburg. The five winning sculptures will each have five limited edition 1/2 sized 3D replicas printed.

Curators: Hank Hine, Curator and Executive Director of the Dali Museum, Yann Weymouth, Architect of the Dali Museum, Sarah Howard, Curator of Public Art and Social Practice.

For more information about The Salvador please visit:

Contact: Please contact Sarah Lesch | 813-727-4077 | with any questions or for more information (email answered more quickly).

The Salvador Commissions Artist Ron Francis

“I liked the design aspect of The Salvador from the beginning.
By using local artists and having a green-certified design, The Salvador has soul.
My art is an extension of the soul of the building.” ~ Ron Francis, Artist ~


From The Salvador’s inception, there has been a focus on art inspired design and living. While function and luxury are key priorities in the design, DDA Development felt these two things could merge with artistic expression in a way that elevates the way The Salvador residents live. The Salvador Condos For Sale in Downtown St. Petersburg, is located in the Arts and Innovation District, which is a short walking distance from the Salvador Dali Museum, the Museum of Fine Arts, the Chihuly Collection, and situated in a community that prides itself on art. Ron Francis

DDA is devoted to finding local artists and designers to help craft the new condos for sale in downtown St. Petersburg. So it was a natural choice for them to commission local artist, Ron Francis, to do the two-story lobby’s plasterwork and some of the art pieces that will reside there.

Francis is a skilled artisan in the ancient plastering technique, grasello. He learned his craft 25 years ago during a European apprenticeship and he continues to hone his skills here in Tampa Bay. In his private label veneer plasters, Francis uses only Imported Italian lime-based plaster. The Venetian Plaster he uses is all-natural, with no pigments or fillers. Francis combines the Venetian Plaster with other “green” materials to produce a high-polished, high-gloss, multi-layer look, which is completely modern and unique. Even though plastering is one of the most ancient building techniques, Francis artistically gives his Venetian Plaster a modern twist that makes it look gorgeous and fresh in any atmosphere.

Ron Francis Art

Condos For Sale Downtown St. Petersburg

St. Pete Wine and Food Festival is Coming to Downtown St. Pete

#dtsp #thingstodoinstpete #downtownstpete #eatinstpete #drinkinstpete

The St. Pete Wine and Food Festival is a culinary adventure of wine tastings and food pairings taking place in North Straub Park. This festival kicks off Thursday night, September 24th 2015, with a charity wine pairings dinner at the Birchwood Inn followed by a Beer Night the following evening in the park.

The Grand Tasting events take place over the course of the weekend of September 26th-27th with full days of wine tastings and delicious food pairings. Local chefs from some of the best restaurants in town provide a variety of tasty food to accompany the amazing drink assortment.

Taking place in the beautiful setting of the waterfront along downtown St. Pete, this event is a must. Always a blast and perfect for the person who appreciates good food and the pleasure of fine wine.

Get tickets and more information at:

st pete food and wine

The Salvador in downtown St. Pete: Dali Museum features M. C. Escher exhibit

Escher at the Dali

August 22, 2015 – January 3, 2016

The Salvador, located in the heart of downtown St. Petersburg Florida, is within walking distance of a rich mix of local color, entertainment, fine dining and world-class culture and art on a par with the largest cities in the United States.

One nearby venue, the world-famous Dali Museum, will feature an exhibit for the next 4 months displaying the art of M. C. Escher entitled Escher at the Dali

Escher’s mix of the surrealism and whimsy is a perfect fit for the Dali, and The Salvador residents have a front-row seat to this momentous cultural event.
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Learn More About The Salvador

The Salvador Condominiums | Downtown St. Petersburg