January 4, 2016 Sally Dee

Winter in St. Petersburg, Florida

Wintertime in St. Petersburg, Florida is one of the most beautiful times of the year. Most locals (and snowbirds for that matter) will tell you wintertime is their favorite season. For us Floridians, the running joke is that it’s boots and scarf weather if the temperatures dip below 70. We think that one of the best parts of our winter is the bright sunshine with amazing sunsets that occur an average an hour later than our friend’s sunsets in the Northeast. While it’s getting dark at 4:30 pm up North you can almost squeeze another 9 holes in before our sunsets.


Here are some ways Downtown St. Petersburg residents spend the Winter:


Bike Riding

There are miles of trails that connect throughout downtown St. Pete and beyond. The downtown trails have scenic waterfront views and give you an opportunity to stop for a lunch break at one of the many outdoor cafes. Taking your bike to a nearby nature preserve or state park makes for a great day to experience the true beauty of Florida. You may even get to see a real Florida gator!



The St. Petersburg Yacht Club has Adult Learn-to-Sail lessons every weekend for the beginner adventure seeker. Getting out on the water with the winter breezes is a thrilling way to spend an afternoon.



St. Petersburg residents can always find a golf course to play on. There is never concern of snow on these courses!



Yes, the beach in the wintertime! Our winter days are filled with a warming sunshine making it a wonderful time to walk the beach and collect shells. Our spectacular sunsets are filled with shades of pink, red and violet streaks that reflect on the water and the sky for the most photo perfect way to make your Northern friends jealous.


The winter lifestyle is easy in St. Petersburg, Florida. We relax, enjoy life and feel thankful that this is “home”.


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