September 22, 2015 Sally Dee

We Support the “Local” in Downtown St. Pete

While downtown St. Petersburg is experiencing an unprecedented bout of growth, the City has still maintained its identity as a place that is committed to the arts and all things local. With a unique and funky feel, you won’t find anywhere else the locals affectionately refer to the city as the ‘Burg. People who live here enjoy walking to the Saturday farmer’s market, eating at the outdoor cafes and buying from local shops and boutiques.

When envisioning The Salvador, luxury condos for sale in downtown St. Petersburg, DDA Development wanted to build a structure that was a part of the heart and soul of this unique community. To do so meant a commitment to local talent in everything from the building design to the artwork within the building. It also meant building a structure that offered long-term sustainability.

DDA Development partnered with St. Petersburg-based architecture firm Mesh Architecture to create the first Green-certified condo project in the downtown St. Petersburg area. The architects at Mesh made sure that sustainability was linked into the unique art-influenced design of The Salvador. The eco-friendly building will have Energy Star roofing, high-efficiency air conditioners and water heaters, native Florida landscaping with low-flow irrigation system and a resident recycling program. According to Bowen Arnold at DDA Development, “We wanted The Salvador to be a positive reflection of all that this town has to offer. The green design only ensures that we are a part of the community in a meaningful way.”

For the two-story lobby, local artist Ron Francis was hired to incorporate his unique “venetian” plasterwork, which will give the entryway a high gloss finishing effect that is artful, modern and dynamic. Francis’ artwork will also appear throughout the lobby. All of this is a part of DDA’s artistic vision that unites elements of the artful and hip community into their condos for sale in downtown St. Petersburg. “I was honored when I got hired to do the lobby finishes at The Salvador. A developer will often bring artists from outside of the city to do work, but here is a developer that is hiring from within the community. We have so much great talent right here,” says Francis.

All of The Salvador’s team members are local (Developer, Architect, Contractor, Sales and Marketing Firms) The Salvador’s concepts, creation, and construction all have roots in the Tampa Bay region, giving it an authentic neighborhood feel in the “Arts and Innovation District” that is its home.

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