September 14, 2015 Sally Dee

The Salvador Commissions Artist Ron Francis

“I liked the design aspect of The Salvador from the beginning.
By using local artists and having a green-certified design, The Salvador has soul.
My art is an extension of the soul of the building.” ~ Ron Francis, Artist ~


From The Salvador’s inception, there has been a focus on art inspired design and living. While function and luxury are key priorities in the design, DDA Development felt these two things could merge with artistic expression in a way that elevates the way The Salvador residents live. The Salvador Condos For Sale in Downtown St. Petersburg, is located in the Arts and Innovation District, which is a short walking distance from the Salvador Dali Museum, the Museum of Fine Arts, the Chihuly Collection, and situated in a community that prides itself on art. Ron Francis

DDA is devoted to finding local artists and designers to help craft the new condos for sale in downtown St. Petersburg. So it was a natural choice for them to commission local artist, Ron Francis, to do the two-story lobby’s plasterwork and some of the art pieces that will reside there.

Francis is a skilled artisan in the ancient plastering technique, grasello. He learned his craft 25 years ago during a European apprenticeship and he continues to hone his skills here in Tampa Bay. In his private label veneer plasters, Francis uses only Imported Italian lime-based plaster. The Venetian Plaster he uses is all-natural, with no pigments or fillers. Francis combines the Venetian Plaster with other “green” materials to produce a high-polished, high-gloss, multi-layer look, which is completely modern and unique. Even though plastering is one of the most ancient building techniques, Francis artistically gives his Venetian Plaster a modern twist that makes it look gorgeous and fresh in any atmosphere.

Ron Francis Art

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