Retail Coming to The Salvador in Downtown St. Pete #condosforsaledowntownStPete

Retail Coming to The Salvador in Downtown St. Pete


There is no question that 2015 is booming for downtown St. Pete. New businesses are relocating to the area, the University of South Florida St. Pete is expanding, and more residences are being built to accommodate the needs of a growing city. With the urban growth comes new openings every day of restaurant establishments, services like yoga studios and stores to give us retail therapy.

We are proud to be a part of this growth! Along with our 74 residences available, the base of our condo tower will be the home to over 3,400 Square Feet of potential retail space. While we haven’t announced the tenants yet, you can be sure they are going to be in-line with the trends of the city with the hottest and best places opening on a daily basis.

If its arts and culture you crave, the Salvador is the place to move into.


Live in Downtown St. Pete for Good Food, Convenience and Fun #condosforsaledowntownStPete

Want Good Food, Convenience and Fun? Live in Downtown St. Pete

We typically live in cities because we want a certain level of action, of excitement in the mix of our lives. We want to be able to walk to a play, to see an art exhibit, to grab a cocktail and have a choice of restaurants from all different cultures. But yet, a city is most enjoyable when there is a level of convenience available to the residents. When you need a tomato for your salad or a band-aid for a cut, you want to be able to get it easily.

Downtown St. Pete is growing into a city has that has the perfect mix of convenience and fun. From The Salvador‘s downtown location, you can walk to Publix, which is a large chain supermarket that offers everything the basics and to quality organics and good bottles of wine. And by the end of 2015, there will be another grocery store built within walking distance of Publix.

Every Saturday, people drive from miles away to experience St. Pete’s outdoor Saturday Morning Market featuring fresh baked foods, fresh flowers, and a variety of fresh fruits and vegetables. This market is truly a special way to start off the weekend and treat yourself to fresh food all week long.

And if you want a store that specializes in culinary delights, then you just walk down to the Locale Market. They can do the cooking for you, or you can purchase fresh fish, superb meats, and a variety of marinades to make your home the place to be for a mouth watering dinner.

St. Pete…where the living is easy!


Artful Condos in Downtown St. Pete

Research shows that the beauty of art is good for our health. Just spending the day walking through an art museum can have a positive effect on your nervous system, your mental outlook and even on the way the heart pumps blood through your veins.

When DDA Development sought to revitalize a block in the “Innovation and Arts” District of downtown St. Petersburg with a new and unique condo residence, they looked to the local community for inspiration. Downtown St. Petersburg has long prided itself as a community centered around the arts.

The monthly art walks that unite the downtown studios and galleries for the purpose of sharing their art with the community bring people from all walks of life together to enjoy a night of artistic expression. Besides the monthly art walks, residents or visitors can become an artist with a variety of art classes in almost every genre from clay sculpting to glass blowing occurring every day of the week. And then there is what some might consider the anchor of our arts community, “The Dalí Museum.” Just seeing the exterior design of this building is enough to inspire an appreciation for the imagination and what is possible in artistic and architectural design.

To ensure the soul of this arts community is in every aspect of the building design, DDA Development partnered with local architecture firm, MESH Architecture. From the shape of the pool to the lobby art, there is a focus on creative expression with some of the design being an homage to the artist Salvador Dalí. The building reflects the merging of art and function.

“We wanted people to feel the power of art each and every time they stepped into The Salvador. The lobby needed to be modern and artistic,” says John Schilling of DDA Development. To do this, DDA commissioned local artist Ron Francis to do the lobby in polished plaster. Francis is a skilled tradesman in the art of plaster and specifically a technique called grasello that gives the wall a highly polished, high sheen look. His plaster is “private labeled” made out of Carrera marble flour, which he layers on the wall in a highly labor-intensive way that is an artisan art form centuries old. The multi-layered wall is unique and makes a modern statement that is almost like having a seamless marble wall.

The uniqueness of The Salvador design is everywhere and by partnering with the “locals”, the building reflects what is already creative and genuine about the community of downtown St. Pete. By bringing the arts into the design, DDA Development has had the subtle effect of creating an atmosphere that feels nourishing and healthy to the residents and their guest.

We Support the “Local” in Downtown St. Pete

While downtown St. Petersburg is experiencing an unprecedented bout of growth, the City has still maintained its identity as a place that is committed to the arts and all things local. With a unique and funky feel, you won’t find anywhere else the locals affectionately refer to the city as the ‘Burg. People who live here enjoy walking to the Saturday farmer’s market, eating at the outdoor cafes and buying from local shops and boutiques.

When envisioning The Salvador, luxury condos for sale in downtown St. Petersburg, DDA Development wanted to build a structure that was a part of the heart and soul of this unique community. To do so meant a commitment to local talent in everything from the building design to the artwork within the building. It also meant building a structure that offered long-term sustainability.

DDA Development partnered with St. Petersburg-based architecture firm Mesh Architecture to create the first Green-certified condo project in the downtown St. Petersburg area. The architects at Mesh made sure that sustainability was linked into the unique art-influenced design of The Salvador. The eco-friendly building will have Energy Star roofing, high-efficiency air conditioners and water heaters, native Florida landscaping with low-flow irrigation system and a resident recycling program. According to Bowen Arnold at DDA Development, “We wanted The Salvador to be a positive reflection of all that this town has to offer. The green design only ensures that we are a part of the community in a meaningful way.”

For the two-story lobby, local artist Ron Francis was hired to incorporate his unique “venetian” plasterwork, which will give the entryway a high gloss finishing effect that is artful, modern and dynamic. Francis’ artwork will also appear throughout the lobby. All of this is a part of DDA’s artistic vision that unites elements of the artful and hip community into their condos for sale in downtown St. Petersburg. “I was honored when I got hired to do the lobby finishes at The Salvador. A developer will often bring artists from outside of the city to do work, but here is a developer that is hiring from within the community. We have so much great talent right here,” says Francis.

All of The Salvador’s team members are local (Developer, Architect, Contractor, Sales and Marketing Firms) The Salvador’s concepts, creation, and construction all have roots in the Tampa Bay region, giving it an authentic neighborhood feel in the “Arts and Innovation District” that is its home.

St. Pete’s Waterfront- Living in Florida #condosforsaledowntownStPete

Living in Florida? Why not St. Pete’s Waterfront?

For thousands of years, people from all over the world have written about the beauty and calm experience of being near a water’s edge. We take beach vacations and go back to work feeling changed from the relaxation experienced being near the water.

Well, in downtown St. Pete, we urban dwellers get to experience the beauty of the waterfront on a daily basis. Our condominium tower, The Salvador, has condo balconies that offer a view of these waterfront vistas, and the area has a seven-mile stretch of waterfront trails to walk and bike.

Because this waterfront area is such an asset to the city, the city of St. Petersburg is envisioning expanding the waterfront area and the ways we can experience it. According to the local paper, “The plan envisions a mixed-use promenade for Bayshore Drive that could accommodate vehicles, bikes and pedestrians and could be closed easily for special events.”

While there are many sections of town that will benefit from the plan, we are going to see some wonderful enhancements to our area near the Innovation District.

They include:
-Retail and concession nodes along the water at Demens Landing
-Expanded dockage and linked pedestrian trails near the Salvador Dali Museum and the Mahaffey Theater
-Dock installations where kayaks and Stand Up Paddleboards can launch
-More benches and swings
-Possibility of a cross-bay ferry terminal

And also in our neighborhood, the Innovation District plenty of room allowed for USF St. Pete to keep expanding

The growth of this area is going to be tremendous making St. Pete a destination for people all over the world who seek the beauty of the water and the vitality of a bustling metropolitan city.

Retiring in Downtown St. Petersburg #condosforsaledowntownStPete

Retiring In Downtown St. Petersburg


As the Baby Boomers are hitting their 60’s, a large majority are opting to take their retirements from a busy life of work. Not because they are incapable of work, but because they are ready to do something else. According to the writer, Landon Jones of “Great Expectations: America and the Baby Boom Generation, this group is thought to be the most active, healthiest, and wealthiest generation. In broad terms, this group is not ready to sit around when they retire. They want to be busy, have fun, be active, and maybe even find another job opportunity to explore.

When this group is finding their ideal retirement town, they are looking for places that have active, healthy options. For this reason, St. Petersburg, FL is becoming a sought out destination for the active retiree. Consistently found in “top places to retire” lists, such as the ones found in the Huffington Post or Money Magazine, because of the city’s access to culture, affordability, and incredibly beautiful weather.

There is always something going on in downtown St. Petersburg with numerous outdoor music and art festivals, museum events, foodie delights, sports events and theatre performances. Downtown St. Petersburg is a city that is bustling and vibrant with plenty of opportunities to stay mentally sharp and fit.

There are miles of waterfront trails and wide sidewalks making biking and walking easy and enjoyable. You are not going to find sidewalks covered in snow here- the weather is mild with over 360 days of sunshine per year. People paddleboard, kayak, sail and fish in the waters of the bay or they travel 15 minutes to the Gulf of Mexico. Either way, there are plenty of ways to enjoy the Florida waters. .And with real estate values consistently lower than a city like Miami, this is the ideal city location for your Florida retirement.

The Salvador Commissions Artist Ron Francis

“I liked the design aspect of The Salvador from the beginning.
By using local artists and having a green-certified design, The Salvador has soul.
My art is an extension of the soul of the building.” ~ Ron Francis, Artist ~


From The Salvador’s inception, there has been a focus on art inspired design and living. While function and luxury are key priorities in the design, DDA Development felt these two things could merge with artistic expression in a way that elevates the way The Salvador residents live. The Salvador Condos For Sale in Downtown St. Petersburg, is located in the Arts and Innovation District, which is a short walking distance from the Salvador Dali Museum, the Museum of Fine Arts, the Chihuly Collection, and situated in a community that prides itself on art. Ron Francis

DDA is devoted to finding local artists and designers to help craft the new condos for sale in downtown St. Petersburg. So it was a natural choice for them to commission local artist, Ron Francis, to do the two-story lobby’s plasterwork and some of the art pieces that will reside there.

Francis is a skilled artisan in the ancient plastering technique, grasello. He learned his craft 25 years ago during a European apprenticeship and he continues to hone his skills here in Tampa Bay. In his private label veneer plasters, Francis uses only Imported Italian lime-based plaster. The Venetian Plaster he uses is all-natural, with no pigments or fillers. Francis combines the Venetian Plaster with other “green” materials to produce a high-polished, high-gloss, multi-layer look, which is completely modern and unique. Even though plastering is one of the most ancient building techniques, Francis artistically gives his Venetian Plaster a modern twist that makes it look gorgeous and fresh in any atmosphere.

Ron Francis Art

Condos For Sale Downtown St. Petersburg

The Salvador’s C-Level Lifestyle #condosforsaledowntownStPete

The C1 Floor Plan - Balcony View

Check Out The Salvador’s C-Level Lifestyle

The C1 Floor Plan is not only well-designed and gorgeous, it also boasts the best new construction value available in Downtown St. Petersburg’s Real Estate Market!

Check out the C1’s Features and Renderings Below!

  • Expansive 8’ high window walls with glass doors leading to private balconies.
  • 2 Bedroom / 2 Bath with 1,354 sq ft of living space.
  • 105 sq ft balcony clear glass railings providing spectacular South / Southeast Views.
  • Prices starting at $435,000.

15008-The-Salvador_Unit-C-balcony1-150323 15008-The-Salvador_Unit-C-Living-150323 15008-The-Salvador_Unit-C-Kitchen-150323

St. Pete Wine and Food Festival is Coming to Downtown St. Pete

#dtsp #thingstodoinstpete #downtownstpete #eatinstpete #drinkinstpete

The St. Pete Wine and Food Festival is a culinary adventure of wine tastings and food pairings taking place in North Straub Park. This festival kicks off Thursday night, September 24th 2015, with a charity wine pairings dinner at the Birchwood Inn followed by a Beer Night the following evening in the park.

The Grand Tasting events take place over the course of the weekend of September 26th-27th with full days of wine tastings and delicious food pairings. Local chefs from some of the best restaurants in town provide a variety of tasty food to accompany the amazing drink assortment.

Taking place in the beautiful setting of the waterfront along downtown St. Pete, this event is a must. Always a blast and perfect for the person who appreciates good food and the pleasure of fine wine.

Get tickets and more information at:

st pete food and wine

The Salvador in downtown St. Pete: Dali Museum features M. C. Escher exhibit

Escher at the Dali

August 22, 2015 – January 3, 2016

The Salvador, located in the heart of downtown St. Petersburg Florida, is within walking distance of a rich mix of local color, entertainment, fine dining and world-class culture and art on a par with the largest cities in the United States.

One nearby venue, the world-famous Dali Museum, will feature an exhibit for the next 4 months displaying the art of M. C. Escher entitled Escher at the Dali

Escher’s mix of the surrealism and whimsy is a perfect fit for the Dali, and The Salvador residents have a front-row seat to this momentous cultural event.
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