March 24, 2015 Sally Dee

Innovation District in Downtown St. Petersburg

Why is the Innovation District the best Neighborhood in Downtown St. Petersburg?

Downtown St. Petersburg’s (DTSP) exponential growth is giving rise to new neighborhood districts that are quickly establishing their unique identities and resident cultures. An area known as the “Innovation District,” is at the forefront of downtown’s growth, and the art-inspired mid-rise condominium tower, The Salvador, will be the residential cornerstone of this rapidly changing neighborhood.

The Innovation District is located in the south end of Downtown St. Petersburg and is near the University of South Florida-St. Petersburg campus (USFSP), The Poynter Institute, All Children’s Hospital, Mahaffey Theater, The Dalí Museum and Bayfront Medical Center. And with the announcement of the latest addition to the neighborhood, the Innovation Lab @Poynter, the neighborhood’s identity continues to be linked with innovation.

The Poynter Institute is a global leader in journalism education, and their recent announcement of the newly created Innovation Lab @Poynter means that nine cutting edge, digital startup companies will reside in the Innovation District. It is one of the largest clusters of startup companies in the Tampa Bay region and will help to invigorate DTSP and the entire region.

To describe the cluster of businesses moving into the Innovation District, Deputy Mayor Kanika Tomalin explained on Fox News that they are all, “innovators who move the ball forward in their specific sectors.”

Vibrant startups, education institutes, world-renowned museums, outdoor cafes and nightlife, healthcare facilities and a grocery store all within walking distance, will make the Innovation District a sought out area of town for business and pleasure.

The Salvador will be the first condominium tower in DTSP to achieve Green certification, incorporating sustainability into its unique, art-influenced design. The outdoor amenities will continue to link sustainability to quality design with a solar heated pool, a dog-friendly area with washing station, yoga area and fire-pit. All of this and more, keep The Salvador Condominiums a part of the innovation that you would expect from this vibrant neighborhood.

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